The Spinet Pro Copper Edition

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The Spinet Pro Copper Edition

Installed is a high performance ceramic R188 bearing so that you can now enjoy smooth spin times of 4-6 minutes!

Since the Spinet Copper is installed with a 608 to R188 adapter, you can also be flexible to change between a 608 bearing or R188 bearing if you wish to.

The Spinet Copper comes with R188 threaded Stainless Steel buttons to give you easy access to maintain and clean your bearing.

Unlike any other spinner the Spinet has the smoothest body known to man with no hard edges or pressure points. Which inevitably will always deliver a truly soothing experience and satisfy any fidget urges.

The main body has gone through a passivation process, to make the Copper more permanently resistant to corrosion.

Comes with a Fidgetry branded box and a grey Fidgetry branded soft velvet pouch.

Notice: Copper body requires extra cleaning & polishing to maintain a full shine appearance.

Dimensions 50mm x 45mm x 14mm

Weight: 74 grams

DISCOUNT OFFER: Please contact us if you would like to buy 3 or more Spinets, we can offer a great discount.

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